Special Offer on Handmade Soaps

Our limited special offer on our pure natural handmade soap range continues on our website until September 30th 2020. Our Soap Offer include: a) All our single soap are €4.95…

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Biodegradable Shaving Soap
100 biodegradable stamp

Biodegradable Shaving Soap

Our shaving soap is biodegradable. This fanastic news means that when you use our shaving soaps you can be assured that we never use any harmful chemicals that could adversely…

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Switching To Bar Soap

Many of our customers have switched from liquid hand & body soaps to bar soap. And from an environmental point of view, they tell us they are delighted to be…

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Handwashing Long Term

We are all feeling more positive now as we emerge from the lockdown. Handwashing and social distancing have certainly helped to flatten the curve and of course the determination of…

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We would like to wish all of the wonderful dads out there a very Happy Father's Day. And to all of our customers who purchased Father's Day gifts, we sincerely…

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