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Another Excellent Testimonial

Thank you James for your excellent testimonial for our Seaweed Shaving Soap.

We really appreciate our customer feedback and are delighted that so many of our customers are enjoying our luxury natural shaving products.

James – June 26, 2018:

“The Seaweed is a very unique and compellingly complex offering. I thought the scent was inviting, Perhaps one of the most outstanding thing I noticed about this soap is its response to the judicious addition of small quantities of water. If you live in a drought zone or have limited access to fresh water, this is your soap. I whipped up a lot of very dense lather from about a very small amount of water.

I found these these soaps to be consistently pleasing performers. Each scent profile offers a unique, distinct but unobtrusive presence. In my opinion the Natural Ireland brand brings a touch of quiet sophistication and elegance to a market that has its share of more flamboyant, but certainly less than pleasing offerings”.


Owner of Natural Ireland.

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