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Benefits of Using a Shaving Brush

A question I often get asked by my customers is what are the benefits of using a shaving brush?

The answer is easy, men traditionally used a shaving brush because it is beneficial for shaving!

Here are some of the benefits of the traditional shaving technique:


  • A natural bristle gently exfoliates the surface of the skin getting rid of dead cells
  • A shaving brush creates a foam which is far richer than a can. This shaving foam sotens the hairs which makes it easier for the razor to glide and cut the hair.
  • The shaving brush is ideal for ensuring that adequate moisture is placed on your face when shaving, it brings and maintains the right amount of water on the face during the shaving process which helps to open the pores and lubricate the skin.
  • The bristle  of the shaving brush lifts the hairs off the skin and gets them ready for shaving Applying a shaving foam with your hands actually flattens the hairs which hinders the shaving process and increases the risk of ingrown hairs.

All brushes used in our luxury shaving sets are pure boar bristle shaving brushes.

Especially if you have problems shaving, try the traditional shave technique, it will make a big difference to your skin and give a much more comforable and close shave.





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