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“Best I’ve Found”|Shaving Soap|Testimonial


We are very grateful for feedback from our customers. It is very gratifying for us and it helps to inform other men who may be experiencing problems shaving of the benefits of natural shaving products. The customer states that “razor burn is gone” and “no more ingrown hairs”. This is the results that are possible from a combination of our natural shaving products and traditional shaving techniques. It is possible to avoid razor burn by using our superior shaving products and traditional shaving techniques.

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“The stout and seaweed is the best I’ve found of all the shaving foam/ gel/ oil/ soaps I’ve tried. I was given a tub as a gift and I’ve just bought another 6 packs so I don’t run out. Never using foam/ gel again if I can avoid it. Razor burn is gone, no more ingrown hairs, really easy to travel with (not bulky or liquid etc). It’s a really good product”. David May 2019


Owner of Natural Ireland.

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