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Natural Handmade Soap

Still the Best Protection against Coronavirus

All you need is a bar of soap to protect against corona viruses. Statistics coming out of Australia show that the incidence of Winter influenza is vastly reduced because of the hand washing protocols introduced to manage COVID 19. This is not a surprise because for centuries people have relied on traditional soap for cleansing and for protection from viruses. Today, things are much the same. We have rediscovered the benefits of a simple soap in light of the coronavirus. We have even unveiled the science behind the simple bar of soap and its functions in breaking down the lipid membranes of viruses like covid19 and destroying it. Of course a sanitiser is sufficient in the absence of soap and water, but soap is the prefered option.

Natural soaps are also mild and gentle on the skin in comparison to sanitisers which contain harsh chemicals which dry the skin and strip away natural skin protection. Further, chemical free natural handmade soaps are biodegradable, which makes them incredibly environmentally friendly in comparison to santitisers.

Coronavirus is still out there and we must be vigilant at all times. Over the past number of weeks, since restrictions have been lifted, the numbers of cases have fluctuated up and down. We cannot become complacent. Continue to use soap and water when hand washing for the recommended 20 seconds. This has proven to be the most effective defence we have againt the coronavirus.

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Thank you all for your support & stay safe.


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