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We have been blown away by this AMAZING testimonial for our Irish Stout and Seaweed Shaving Soap left by our customer. We are so grateful to all our customers for their feedback. It is very gratifying for us and it helps to get the message out of the huge benefits, 100% natural shaving soaps can bring to your daily shaving routine.

TESTIMONIAL: Kevin – October 23, 2019:
“I have just turned 70, shaving every day all my adult life. My son surprised me with a gift of Natural Ireland Irish Stout and Seaweed Shaving Soap. I can honestly say I have never had a better shave in my life. I am a convert and will continue to order this fantastic product. Well done – it’s great to discover a truly natural shaving soap, free from chemicals which provides a smooth and satisfying shave”.Kevin – October 23, 2019:


Owner of Natural Ireland.

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