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Biodegradable Shaving Soap

Our shaving soap is biodegradable. This fanastic news means that when you use our shaving soaps you can be assured that we never use any harmful chemicals that could adversely effect the environment. You can be confident that what goes down the plug hole after your daily shave will have no harmful effect on our environment or water systems.

All our shaving Soaps are made from 100% natural ingredients which protect your skin but also protect the environment.

It is a sad reality that a lot of products used in the bathroom, from showers to daily cleansing to male grooming, are not biodegradable and they cannot be broken down into biodegradable natural substances. These harmful substances linger in the environment, and can also make their way into our water systems.

If you truly want a product which is biodegradable then you must seek out products which are 100% natural with no harmful chemicals. All our soap products are created without artificial colours or perfumes. You can trust that our shaving soap will protect your skin and also protect our environment.


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