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At last, Environment-friendly Packaging is Coming

Large multinational companies are responding to the pressure from consumers to reduce plastic waste in their products. We are delighted to see that Johnnie Walker Wiskey is to be sold in paper bottles. According to BBC News “Diageo, the drinks giant that owns the brand, said it plans to run a trial of the new environmentally-friendly packaging from next year”. Read the full BBC article

It is fantastic to see that these large companies are beginning to take their customer concerns serioiusly, and that they are responding to increasing pressure from consumers to protect the environment. The commercial reality has dawned, they have to take responsibility to reduce plastic waste in the environment. Consumers have enormous power, and if enough people stand up and say “we are sick of plastic” then the move away from plastic will accelerate making the environment cleaner and healthier for us all.

We have spoken to many of our customers who are now making positive choices for the environment. Many of them have switched to our barred soap products in the bathroom, avoiding shower gels and cleansers in plastic containers.

During the pandemic we have sourced more products locally which is also more sustainable for the environment.


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