You are currently viewing Every Luxury-Special Offer 3 Luxury Soaps for €12

Every Luxury-Special Offer 3 Luxury Soaps for €12

Everyday Luxury Range

In our Everyday Luxury Range we are introducing a Special Offer of 3 handmade soaps for €12.

We have listened to our many customers who use our products everyday and have requested a range of products which are more affordable for everyday use. We want customers to enjoy the benefits of using our luxury soap products everyday.

Sensitive Skin and Skin Conditions

Many of our customers have sensitive skin and skin conditions, these people need to use 100% natural soap products. They need to use natural soap  products consistently everyday for sensitive skin and skin conditions. Our products can also be used with many skin conditions including eczema, psoriasis, acne, problem teenage skin. If you have a skin condition you must use products which are 100% natural and will not irritate the skin. Our handmade soap is mild and can be used everyday to protect, moisturise and cleanse the skin without causing irritation or sensitivity.



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