Check out our latest excellent customer testimonial for our Luxury Natural Seaweed Shaving Soap.

This is a very genuine testimonial from our return customer who has been using our natural shaving soap for 8 months. The customer states ” the lather is so luxurious and rich one lather does face and head”. Our natural shaving soap forms a rich luxurious lather which gives a smooth comfortable shave without cuts or irritation.

“I bought my first one of these Christmas 2018. I just restocked this morning. Shaving every second day I make that right at the upper end of the 90-120 shaves per tin claim. And I shave face and head each time. The lather is so luxurious and rich one lather does face and head. No need for a double dip. I have eczema which means very dry skin. I still need to use moisturiser but my skin isn’t nearly as dry after shaving when I use this product. And at €11.95 this is very good value.
Just in case anyone is wondering about the shaving brush I bought one with my first purchase. A high quality item. Still like new after eight months. The brush/shaving cream set makes a very nice gift.
I highly recommend this product”. Joe Sept 1st

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