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Fathers Day Gifts 2020|Ireland

This is a Father’s Day like none other, as we are just starting to come out of our pandemic lockdown in Ireland. It is important now to have some normality back in our lives starting with Father’s Day when we can treat our dads to something really special to say “a big thank you for being who they are”.

We have a variety of male grooming gifts which are handmade right here in Ireland. Handmade natural shaving soaps are full of natural goodness and deliver a smooth close shave without the dreaded irritaion. So for a super comfortable superior shave on Father’s day, buy your dad an Irish traditional shaving soap.

Traditional shaving soaps require the soap to be foamed with a shaving brush. The foam is then applied to the face with the shaving brush. The shaving brush creates a superior thick lather. The shaving brush also has many benefits for shaving and the skin which includes, increasing the circulation, exfoliating the skin and lifting the hairs off the skin and getting them ready for shaving.



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