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Handemade Soap|Kind To The Envirnment

We are excited about the positive and growing interst in reducing plastic in the home.

Our handmade soap is crafted with the environment foremost in our thoughts, and thankfully, our customers are now looking to plastic-free handmade soap as an alternative to plastic packaging in the home. And our customers are also moving to handmade body soaps as an alternative to shower gels. This comes as a result of a growing customer backlash against unnecessary plastic waste, as they search for more eco-friendly versions of everyday items.

So we are strong believers that handmade soap has an important environmental role to play in the marketplace and with plastic-free packaging we are doing our bit in the fight to reduce plastic packaging and waste.

View our range of soap products to see a variety of fragrances and special natural ingredients that we use in all our handmade products


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