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Natural Soaps Handmade in Ireland

Handmade Soap from Ireland – benefits to be enjoyed

Your skin is in for a treat with our ALL NATURAL range of handmade cold process soaps.

Using cold process methods ensures that the natural emollients and nutrients actually make it to your skin; our soaps are handcrafted in small batches to achieve the desired results. This method of soap making produces a lovely mild soap which is rich in naturally occurring glycerine. Because the soap retains its natural glycerine, it is great for the skin.  Each variety has its own natural exfoliant in the form of flower buds and seeds, citrus rind, wholegrain and seaweeds. The colour is obtained from plant roots and seeds.

A blend of olive, coconut and castor oil is used, which results in a glycerine rich bar with a rich luscious long lasting lather. Beeswax is added for hardness. The scents in this range are from a blend of high quality pure essential oils, each with its own therapeutic properties.

Glycerine is an humectant which means that in soap, it helps draw moisture from the air into your skin. Have you ever found that many of the commercial soaps on the market are very drying to the skin? The main reason for this is that the glycerine is extracted from them and sold separately to the cosmetics industry. Naturally we leave this glycerine in our soaps so that all the goodness makes it to your skin, hence the reason they are so moisturizing.


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