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Handwashing Long Term

We are all feeling more positive now as we emerge from the lockdown. Handwashing and social distancing have certainly helped to flatten the curve and of course the determination of the Irish people to protect each other cannot be understated in the fight against the coronavirus.

Of course we cannot be complacent as the threat from the coronavirus remains long term. Handwashing has become one of the most important measures to prevent the coronavirus from reemerging and spreading again. Handwashing is now a long term measure and must be strictly adhered to for the forseeable future.

How can we make handwashing a more pleasurable experience as well as protecting our hands and the environment?

1) Choose a 100% natural handmade soap for handwashing. Cold Process Soaps are high quality handmade soaps which are made using traditional methods of soap making and require the soap to mature for up to a month before use.

2) Handmade soaps contain glycerine which is a by-product of making handmade soap. Glycerine is extremely moisturising for your hands as it attracts moisture to the skin and prevents your hands from drying out.

3) Handmade soaps can be beautifully scented with pure essential oils which are natures purest perfumes. Many Essential oils have amazing scents which are therapeautic, soothing and uplifting. Handwashing can become a pleasurable experience rather than just a chore. There are so many varieties of unique handmade soaps on the market.

4) 100% natural handmade soaps are biodegradable this means that handmade soaps are incredibly environmentally friendly. No harmful chemicals are released into the environment as the the materials that go down the plug hole are broken down into natural elements and return to nature.You can rest assured that using a handmade soap is kind to the environment.

We have discounted our handmade soap range to €4.95 for the duration of the pandemic and the forseeable future, offering excellent value in 100% natural handmade soaps.


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