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Traditional Soaps Preferred Option Against Coronavirus

Natural soaps are highly effective at killing the Coronavirus. Our natural soaps are made using traditional soap making methods which has its origin thousands of years ago.

The traditional bar of soap is now being hailed as the preferred option to prevent transmission of the coronavirus. According to the Irish Times Article-“Why Soap Can Kill Coronavirus” “hand sanitisers are not as reliable as soap. Sanitisers with at least 60 per cent ethanol do act similarly, defeating bacteria and viruses by destabilising their lipid membranes. But they cannot easily remove microorganisms from the skin”. Check out the full article at:

You can use hand sanitiser if soap is not available but soap and water is the preferred option.

Always wash your hands when you get home or into work, before eating food and after using the toilet or leaving a bathroom.

For further information check out this link for the Word Health Organisation


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