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Irish Father’s Day Gifts | 10% Discount

Our 10% discount off all our Male Grooming Shaving Gift Sets continues until the 19th of June 2020.

Treat your special dad to a unique shaving experience with 100% natural shaving which is second to none in the marketplace. Read our many excellent reviews from satisfied customers who are enjoying a comfortable shave without irritation or sensitivity, many for the first time in their lives.

Our shaving soaps are designed for a traditional shave which has many benefits over conventional shaving with aerosole cans. Traditional shaving has made an amazing comeback over recent years as men seek out more traditional natural ways of shaving. Traditional shaving allows the user to lather their own soap which results in a superior foam and aids a more comfortable shave as the superior foam offers additional protection from the razor.

Natural shaving soaps are naturally milder for the skin reducing irritation and sensitivity.

So if you have a dad with sensitive skin this is a shaving gift he will truly appreciate this Father’s Day.

As always thank you for your support & stay safe!


Owner of Natural Ireland.

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