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Its Official!!|Soap Dissolves The Coronavirus

Take it from the science experts, hand washing with a bar of soap is the most effective way to stop the spread of the corona virus. Watch Professor Luke O Neill here on the Late Late Show describing how hand soap dissolves the virus.

As a soapmaker, for me, this is fanastic news “hand soap dissolves the coronavirus” Professor Luke O’Neill says “the virus is made of fat and soap disolves that fat and now the virus is dead”.

The World Health Organisation have said “just was your hands”.

It takes 20 seconds for the soap to dissolve the coronavirus so its essential that you wash your hands slowly to allow this process to take place during handwashing.

Our special offer on hand soaps for the coronavirus continues for the forseeable future or while stocks last.

We also have a further special offer of 3 soaps for handwashing for €12 here while stocks last.

Thank you for your support and stay safe!


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