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Moisturising Soaps For Handwashing During Covid19

Alleviate problems with dry, chapped skin.

During the coronavirus pandemic we have had many enquiries from customers who are having problems with dry, chapped skin as a result of frequently sanitising and washing their hands during the day.

We constantly advocate for people to use high quality, nourishing, natural soaps as a means of protecting their hands from drying out and avoiding other dry skin conditions especially during frequent handwashing. Handmade natural soaps contain the added benefits of glycerine. Glycerine is very beneficial in natural soaps as it attracts moisture to the skin and helps to prevent the skin from drying out even during frequent handwashing which we are all doing as a result of the corona pandemic.

All the professionals have stressed during the coronavirus pandemic that soap is more effective than a sanitiser at breaking down and removing the coronavirus from our hands. We can also go one step further and use high quality natural soaps which can protect against skin damage while also protecting us from the spread of the coronavirus.

As soapmakers we have been working very hard to meet the challenges posed by covid19. We will continue to provide essential products during the coronavirus pandemic ensuring that our customers have access to high quality, skin friendly soaps which are also highly effective against the spread of the coronavirus.

All our soaps have been discounted to €4.95 for the duration of the pandemic.


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