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100% natural handmade soap

Sensitive Skin Soap – all natural Ingredients -The Soap Box

Your skin is in for a treat with our range of ALL NATURAL, handmade cold process soaps. Our Goats Milk Shea Butter & Honey soap is unscented and is great for even the most sensitive skin types. The honey hydrates and soothes the skin while the goats milk helps treat eczema and acne.

Our handmade cold process method of soapmaking ensures that the soap retains it’s natural glycerine which is great for the skin. A blend of olive, coconut and castor oil is used which results in a glycerine rich bar with a rich luscious long lasting lather. Beeswax is added for hardness. The scents in our scented soap range are from a blend of high quality pure essential oils, each with its own therapeutic properties. Some varieties have their own natural exfoliant in the form of flower buds and seeds, citrus rind, wholegrains and seaweeds. The colour is obtained from plant roots and seeds. Talk about spoiling your skin! We hope you enjoy using our soaps as much as we enjoy making them.

We never use synthetic fragrances in our products. No parabens or other harmful artificial preservatives or colourings are used. We do not allow any animal tallow, drying alcohol, harsh chemicals or petroleum products in our soaps.


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