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Shaving Gift Sets for Him

We sell a superior range of shaving gift sets for men at Christmas.

Our shaving gift sets feature a handmade shaving soap, made with pure natural ingredients. Our shaving soap is formulated with high quantities of natural oils which protect the skin while you shave. It is these natural oils which protect the skin from razor burn, cuts and razor rash. As our shaving soap is 100% natural it is suitable for sensitive skin. Natural shaving soaps are mild and reduce irritation and sensitivity during shaving. Our shaving soaps are also glycerine rich male grooming products which hydrates the skin and gives a superior comfortable aftershave feeling.

Shaving Brushes

All of our male grooming shaving gifts feature pure boar bristle shaving brushes. There are many benefits from using a shaving brush. The pure boar bristle brush assists to bring moisture to the skin. The shaving brush also exfoliates the skin and increases the circulation. A shaving brush is the best way to generate a rich lather which protects the skin during shaving. A shaving brush also softens and lifts the facial hair off the skin and gets it ready for shaving thus preventing ingrown hairs.

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