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Shaving Gifts For Sensitive Skin

We have a luxury range of shaving gifts for men which feature a handcarafted 100% natural shaving soap, and pure boar bristle shaving brushes.

Our a semi-solid shaving soap is 100% natural, mild and suitable for sensitive skin. This shaving soap is made using high quantities of pure natural oils which forms a thick oily lather. The quality of this superior lather protects the skin during shaving and reduces irritation and sensitivity. This shaving soap also protects the skin from razor burn during shaving. Our customers inform us that they experience a definate reduction in razor burn while using our natural shaving soaps.

Two of our handmade shaving soaps have the added benefits of seaweed which helps to restore the skin over time. Used consistently this shaving soap can improve the condition of the skin over time.

The shaving gift set featured here also contains a pure boar bristle shaving brush and stand. The stand allows the brush to dry adequately between use.


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