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Shaving Soap Review|Trusted by our Customers

We really appreciate customer feedback for our natural shaving soap products. Joe posted this excellent product reiew for our shaving soap which really helps us to get the word out for natural shaving soaps and their benefits.

” Lovely product. Great natural smell, great lather from a very small amount of soap. Really smooth shave and skin doesn’t feel dried out afterward like with standard shave gel/cream. When I open the tin and smell the sea, I know its time for an enjoyable smooth shave! ” Joe May 2019


Owner of Natural Ireland.

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  1. Paul Cahill

    The shaving cream is excellent and leaves my skin clean and clear which has been an issue with normal brands. Love it

    1. majella

      Hi Paul,
      Thank you so much for your feedback on our premium shaving soap.
      Much Appreciated
      Natural Ireland

  2. Mary Q

    I bought shaving soap for my husband and brother a couple of years ago. They found it very, very good and when my husband asked me to get some more of it for him I knew he was impressed with it. They will be life-long customers.

    1. majella

      Hi Mary,
      Thank you for your wonderful comments.
      We really appreciate you taking the time to send this review.
      Many Thanks and Best Wishes
      Natural Ireland

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