In this current climate, we are all faced with financial difficulties from the coronavirus pandemic. More than ever it is important to support Irish businesses to help kick start our economy. We are appealing to people to continue to support Irish businesses post lockdown.

Post lockdown it is so important to support Irish businesses as we all begin the process of recovering from the pandemic which has shocked Irish communities and our economy to the core. When you buy an Irish product the money stays in our local communities and ecomony which will help to kick start the economy again.

When you start buying local you will dicover a wealth of amazing Irish businesses which you may not have known were right on your doorstep, from fresh fruit and vegetables to personal care products and male grooming products.

According to the blog “5 reasons why buying local is so important” by “Just Buy Irish” states “Buying local is a more humane, authentic and real feeling than ordering from giant retailers. It contributes to our neighbourhood economy and it enriches all of us when local business thrive”. Read this excellent article at

We absolutely agree, you never get that warm welcoming feel from a giant retailer. When buying local you can meet real producers, form lovely connections in your local area, get excellent quality products and customer care cannot be matched.

Buying Irish is also more sustainable “5 reasons why buying local is so important” by Just Buy Irish also states “Locally produced goods require less transportation, meaning less pollution, meaning healthier planet and you”.

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