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Traditional Shaving Soaps for Sensitive Skin

Sustainable Shaving-Foam Up With Biodegradable Shaving Soap

We are all for guilt-free shaving and a return to traditional shaving, which offers the most sustainable way of shaving on the market. We make a range of 100% natural shaving products for traditional shaving. All our products that are biodegradable and sustainable while protecting the environment and your skin.

Traditional shaving was the original and best shave, offering many benefits over conventional shaving. The benefits of a shaving brush in itself for the environment and the skin cannot be underestimated. The benefits of a shaving brush include exfolliating the skin, increasing circulation and lifting the bristles off the face and geing them ready for shaving. In addition foaming your own soap saves the environment from millions of aerosol tins going to landfill every year.

Read this excellent Irish Times article and what it says about traditional shaving ; “The choices we make in the simple act of shaving can impact the ground toxicity, water quality, the amount of fossil fuels used to heat water and our potential exposure to carcinogens”. We cannot underestimate the impact of lifestyle choices on the environment around us and the planet as a whole. So, there is hope. If each of us make small postive lifestyle changes using biodegradable and sustianable products in our everyday personal care routines, huge benefits can accrue.

Thank you for your support and stay safe!


Owner of Natural Ireland.

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