We are very encouraged by the many conversations we had with our customers in 2019 in relation to more sustainable skincare products. In 2019 we found a growing awareness among our customers of the benefits of using more sustainable personal care and grooming products such as locally made natural handmade soaps and more traditional methods of shaving which can replace plastic packaging and aerosol waste in the bathroom.

Customer comments such as “I have switched to a handmade soap and I have got rid of all the plastic in the bathroom” shows that our customers now recognise the role that handmade natural soaps can play in a more sustainable lifestyle.
Our male customers comments such as “If I do this type of shaving, I can get rid of the aerosoles” show us that men are also looking for more sustainable male grooming products. Male customers are returning to traditional shaving as a more sustainable method of shaving reducing aerosole packaging waste.

We believe that the switch to more sustainable skincare and grooming products will continue to grow in 2020 and we look forward to a CLEANER GREENER 2020

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