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Switching To Bar Soap

Many of our customers have switched from liquid hand & body soaps to bar soap. And from an environmental point of view, they tell us they are delighted to be rid of the plastic bottles used in pump-action soaps and shower gels. Typically our customers will have a bar of soap beside the kitchen & bathroom sink chosen from our range of handmade, natural soap

The switch from plastic packaging to bar soap is generally easy but there is one underlying question which we get asked frequently; how to stop a bar of soap from going excessifly soft or disintegrating.

Handmade Bar Soap – Glycerine moisturing properties

Handmade soap is unique when compared with most commercially produced soap bars. You see, handmade soap has a high glycerine content which is actually a by-product of making soap. Glycerine is excellent at attracting moisture to the skin, so it follows, that the soap will absorb moisture if it is left sitting in water. Therefore, customers who use barred soaps exclusively always take care that the soap is allowed to dry after use. This stops a film of water from forming under the soap. Keepng the soap away from watery surfaces preserves the hardness of the soap, prevents any softening of the the soap bar, extending its life and keeping it in a good condition to give you the full satisfaction you expect from your purchase.

How to care for your natural handmade soaps.

As said already, natural soaps are high in glycerine and therefore will melt quicker if left in water. So, to ensure a longer lasting bar of soap, please keep your soap out of water, or from sitting in water between uses. We recommend wire racks or slatted soap dishes for our soaps. Other soap dishes quite often pool water and prevent the soap from drying out completely. Soap dishes with slats allow air to circulate under the soap which dries it out ensuring that the bar stays firm and intact. Alternatively leave your bar of soap on a dry towel or facecloth. A little bit of care will ensure that you get the most from your bar of soap which will last for a number of months.

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