The Traditional Shave

Shaving soap with natural ingredients
Luxury Natural Shaving Soap-Cutting Edge Shave

Everything used in a traditional shave was simple yet beneficial. The bristle of the shaving brush lifts the hairs off the face and also ensures that lots of water is applied allowing the hairs to soften, ready for shaving. The shaving soaps used were also simple, without many of the harmful chemicals we find in modern day shaving soaps and creams. Also modern day canned gels and foams use petroleum based lubricants which repel water rather than absorb and incorporate it. In addition the aerosols used to get the product out of the can further dry your skin


Luxurious Dense Lather

Our traditional luxury shaving soap is the result of meticulous research and development. Irish Stout & Seaweed Shaving Soap is a semi solid, luxury lathering, skin friendly soap. It has been carefully formulated to produce a fine, cushioning and long-lasting dense lather which provides a protective barrier between the skin and the raxor ensuring that your skin is protected from razor burn and irritation. This dense lather protects the skin during shaving.

This soap is made from 100% natural ingredients including a mixture of oils and butters which are naturally moisturising for the skin. Coconut Oil provides gentle cleansing while Cocoa Butter and Vegetable Glycerine leave the skin conditioned and smooth. Our shaving soap also harnesses the benefits of Irish seaweed which contains a wealth of essential vitamins, minerals, amino acids and antioxidants that helps to keep the skin revitalized, moisturised, and nourished Our Irish seaweed is sourced in Donegal along the Wild Atlantic Way.

A shaving brush is essential for traditional shaving 

Our natural boar hair brush

Our shaving brush is made from 100% natural boar bristle.

A natural hair brush is essential for a great shave. By virtue of its numerous bristles, a shaving brush is the best way to generate a rich, warm and silky lather. A rich lather is important because it protects and lubricates the skin. The gentle friction of the bristles on your face as you lather softens your beard and opens the pores. This action is also exfoliating, removing dead surface cells and preventing in-grown hairs.

HAndmade shaving soap
Traditional Shaving Set-Cutting Edge shave


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