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Use Biodegrable Products for Handwashing

We all understand now that one of the main protections from the spread of the coronvirus is handwashing – washing with soap and water. We have been told countless times that a simple bar of soap is highly effective in destroying the coronavirus as soap breaks down the virus. We all have come to terms with the fact that the virus has not gone away and, as such, we need to maintain effective handwashing for the forseeable future, and so, we must continue to engage in effective handwashing longterm.

Biodegradable Handwashing Soap Products

To protect the evironment we should consider using environmentally friendly soap products. These are soap products that are kind to our skin and also kind to the environment. Handmade soaps which are 100% natural are BIODEGRADABLE. This means that these soaps break down into natural elements in the environment. You can rest assured that the soap residue that flows down your plughole is not adversely affecting the environment in any way. It is incredible that a simple bar of soap powerful enough to kill virues and yet it is so environmentally friendly.

A simple bar of soap is an incredible product and if we fully understood how beneficial it is, we would never consider using anything else for our daily cleansing needs.


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