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Wet Shaving | Traditional & Best

For the person who prefers a wet shave, we have high quality shaving soaps available in semi-solid form that are terrific for getting up a rich lather that creates a lubricated base to enhance the shaving experience. Good quality shaving soaps  are made from a mixture of ingredients that create an excellent lubricating layer that makes the lather feel comfortable when applied to the face.

There is now a growing tendency towards shaving soaps that are made from natural ingredients, and our range does not contain any artificial colouring or fragrance and they do not contain any harmful chemicals. These are a must for people who are consious of undertaking a good skin-care regime. As an added bonus, they are a cost effective alternative to most of the shave creams on the market as you only use what is necessary and nothing goes to waste.

The Shaving Brush – Very important!

A good shaving brush is critical when used with our high quality shaving soap. You can create a rich lather in seconds that helps your razor glide along your skin. A good boar-bristle brush is terrific for dislodging skin pollutants and other environmental debris that find their way into the skin pores.


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