Goat’s Milk Shea Butter and Honey 100g – Cold Process Soap

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Best Soap for Sensitive Skin

The combination of Goats Milk, Unrefined Shea Butter and Honey makes this soap particularly beneficial for sensitive skin and dry skin conditions. Shea Butter is incredibly nourishing and moisturising for the skin. Goats milk soap is wonderful for people with dry or sensitive skin as it contains many vitamins and minerals. Goats milk soap is also excellent for children as it is mild and will not iritate even the most sensitive skin. This soap is most frequently bought by our customers with very sensitive skin. Highly recommended by our customers for sensitive skin.

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Your skin is in for a treat with the Soapbox’s ALL NATURAL range of handmade cold process soaps. This method of soapmaking ensures that the soap retains it’s natural glycerine which is excellent for dry skin. A blend of olive, coconut and castor oil is used which results in a glycerine rich bar with a rich luscious long lasting lather. Beeswax is added for hardness. The scents in this range are from a blend of high quality pure essential oils, each with their own therapeutic properties. Each variety has it’s own natural exfoliant in the form of flower buds and seeds, citrus rind, wholegrains and seaweeds. The colour is obtained from plant roots and seeds. Talk about spoiling your skin! We hope you enjoy using our soaps as much as we enjoy making them.

We never use synthetic fragrances in our products. No parabens or other harmful
artificial preservatives or colourings are used. We do not allow any animal tallow, drying
alcohol, harsh chemicals or petroleum products in our soaps.


How to care for your natural soaps
As natural soaps are naturally high in glycerine they will melt quicker if left in water.
To ensure a longer lasting bar of soap please keep your soap out of water, or from sitting in water between uses.
Soapbox recommends wire racks or slatted soap dishes for our soaps.

Ingredients: Sodium Olivate (olive oil), Sodium cocoate(coconut oil), Sodium Castorate(castor oil), Cera
Alba(beeswax), honey, goat’s milk.

1 review for Goat’s Milk Shea Butter and Honey 100g – Cold Process Soap

  1. Brendan

    This is a great soap for people with sensitive skin or acne. It creates a nice soft creamy lather. I suffer from acne and I have found this soap to be very gentle on my highly sensitive skin.

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