Award Winning Natural Shaving Soap

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This is our award winning Natural Shaving Soap which won bronze at the United Kingdom FreeFrom Skincare Awards 2017, Male Grooming Category. This pure natural shaving soap features our unique blend of Cedarwood, Rosewood and Bergamot essential oils which result in a deep woody, clean masculine scent. This shaving soap is most frequently bought by our customers with sensitive skin has less added ingredients.

  • reduces razor burn, cuts, pain and irritaion during shaving.
  • glycerine rich, highly moisturising shaving soap
  • ideal for sensitive skin.
  • shaving soap delivers 90-120 shaves per product
  • 100% natural shaving soap
  • biodegradable shaving soap

*Shaving Brush not supplied with product.


Our pure Natural Shaving Soap is a semi solid, luxury lathering, skin friendly

Shaving Soap bronze award winner 2017 UK awards

soap. The result of meticulous research and development, it has been carefully formulated to produce a fine, cushioning and long-lasting lather which is naturally moisturising for the skin. This superior lather is best applied using a shaving brush. All our shaving soaps are handmade in small batches. They are then left to mature for 10 days. After this maturing period, the soap is more concentrated and ready for transfer to our high quality aluminium container.

Gentle skin care ingredients

Coconut Oil provides gentle cleansing while Cocoa Butter and Vegetable Glycerine leave the skin conditioned and smooth. Our soap range is scented with a luxurious blend of pure essential oils. With the added benefits of pure essential oils this premium shaving soap is a treat your skin.

How to use our shaving soap

Hold the brush under a hot running tap. Do not remove too much excess water from the brush. You need the bristles to retain as much water as possible so they can keep your face hydrated and protected during the shaving process. With circular motions, run the bristles over the soap in the soap bowl to generate the rich, warm and silky lather. The longer you whisk, the richer the lather, and the more protection it provides to the skin. Twenty seconds should be adequate.

20 reviews for Award Winning Natural Shaving Soap

  1. Tony

    I love this shaving soap. It produces a thick lather and is great for sensitive skin. My face always feels much smoother after using this product.

  2. Caroline

    I bought this recently for my husband and he loved it. He used to get ingrown hairs and skin irritation from shaving, but since he started using this,he found his skin much softer and no more ingrown hairs.

  3. Joseph Martin

    For more than forty years I have been using shaving creams/soaps from London’s most famous barbers. None can equal the silky smooth shave you get with Natural Ireland’s Luxury Natural Shaving Soap.

  4. Rory Costello (verified owner)

    I simply love this soap. I’ve tried quite a lot of different brands, and Natural Ireland suits me down to the ground. My face feels great, especially after having used the line exclusively for 28 days (as the maker suggests). I no longer feel the need to use any other shaving soaps. Natural Ireland has gotten me to declare monogamy! 🙂

  5. Aidan

    Absolutely love this product .I have been using it for the last 2 years. My skin never had issues with spots or dry skin.I’m so glad I found it would definitely recommend trying it if you are hesitant.It’s worth every penny and more just love it. Was happy to see a new pot bought as present in strandhill today.

  6. James

    I very much enjoyed working this soap into a lather. Voluminous would be an understatement. I don’t want to get hyperbolic, but cumulo clouds come to mind when I try to illustrate what my bowl looked like after whipping this soap up. I’ll say one should not confuse that Natural scent to mean Neutral. It is not. It definitely has an interesting, and in my opinion attractive scent. The most subtle scent profile of the three for sure. The Natural scent was hard to pin down, but interesting, and I found myself really enjoying it’s elusiveness. Perhaps the most outstanding thing I noticed about this soap is its response to the judicious addition of small quantities of water. If you live in a drought zone or have limited access to fresh water, this is your soap. I whipped up a lot of very dense lather from about a teaspoon of water. In my opinion the Natural Ireland brand brings a touch of quiet sophistication and elegance to a market that has its share of more flamboyant, but certainly less than pleasing offerings.

  7. martin mctiernan

    Just started using this product and am a dead cert to go on doing so. Feels totally different than the standard shaving foams/gels – has that lovely to feel but hard to describe richness & luxury about it. Genuine “feel good” sensation during and after use -great lather, fresh aroma & skin feels great afterwards. Highly recommended.

  8. Helen (verified owner)

    Got a text from my boyfriend who lives abroad this afternoon asking me to urgently buy two new soaps for him from natural Ireland in time for Christmas, as he has run out. He absolutely loves them. He is a stickler for quality and rarely returns to products after trying them so these must be very, very good! He has very sensitive skin particularly on his neck when shaving but this soap has removed red and rawness he experiences with other soaps. They are such a hit we bought the gift sets for both our Dads.

  9. brendan durning (verified owner)

    This is a great shaving soap. Produces a good thick lather with a pleasant subtle smell. Excellent for anyone with sensitive skin/acne. I have used many different soaps and creams over the years and they cant compare to this soap. Would highly recommend it.

  10. Tom (verified owner)

    I am really happy with this Natural Shaving Soap. I have used other creams/soaps but this one tops the lot. The soap lathers up very quickly and it is rich and creamy . Every shave is super-smooth ,without nicks or cuts. I will definitely be back for more when this one is gone. Thanks Majella.

  11. Conor

    I really love the natural shaving soap.i find that it’s not as harsh on the skin as previous shaving foams that I used to use .would highly recommend

  12. Brian

    One of the best shaving soaps I have ever used, nice on the skin and does not dry it out. Will highly recommend if you want a high quality and very good value shaving soap

  13. Neil (verified owner)

    This product is fantastic. I would normally get a bit of a rash at my neck from other shaving creams and some soaps, but I don’t get that with this product. It produces a lovely thick lather and smells delicious. I would highly recommend. Also I met the owner of this company in Sligo during the summer and they were lovely.

  14. Kaidi

    I bought this products to my partner. This product is great for sensitive skin. It leaves the skin so soft and smooth. No moisturizer need it after it. Very little goes long time. Exellent product..

  15. Eamonn B (verified owner)

    I never envisaged that I would use soap and brush to shave on a daily basis. This all changed three years ago when I bought a tub of natural shaving soap at a Christmas market. I find the soap very easy to apply and its creamy texture is kind to my face. I achieve a closer shave without getting either a shaving rash or dry skin. I would highly recommend this product to my family and friends.

  16. Gerard

    This is an exceptional product. I love the texture of it and it produces a really smooth shave without taking it out on your skin. I would highly recommend this shaving soap.

  17. gerard nicholson

    I purchased Shaving Kit with the Natural Shaving Soap & Boar Shaving, within the last 4 weeks. I used it every day, and I must say it has been one of the best Shaving Soaps, on the market.
    I have being shaving, over 45 years, using gels, oils, creams etc, not as comfortable as this award winning Natural Shaving Soap.
    I will definitely purchase these product again.

  18. David (verified owner)

    I first purchased the shaving soap at a Christmas market three years ago.It is an excellent product and free from nasty irritating chemicals.I would highly recommend this shaving soap particularly for sensitive skin.

  19. Shane

    I have a tin pf Stout/Seaweed soap. Its an excellent product, will definitely continue to buy it.

  20. Rory Dullard (verified owner)

    Lovely soap to use, lasts ages too. Tin is very practical for travel and don’t need to use a separate shaving bowel which is really handy.

    • majella

      Thank you so much for your feedback Rory, we really your excellent comments!

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