Shaving Gift Set with Seaweed Shaving Soap & Pure Boar Brush and Stand

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This superior shaving gift set contains our luxury Seaweed Shaving Soap, a high-quality pure boar bristle shaving brush and a stand for the brush. The stand is excellent for ensuring your boar brush has a long life, it also looks super suave on your bathroom shelf.

The combination of our natural shaving soap and pure boar bristle shaving brush ensures a traditional shaving experience which is truly beneficial for the skin.

  • suitable for sensitive skin
  • 90-120 shaves per product which is excellent value for money
  • biodegradable shaving soap
  • eco-friendly packaging






Shaving Gift Set with Seaweed Shaving Soap & Pure Boar Brush and Stand

Our handmade Seaweed Shaving Soap is a genuine seaweed product which has the added benefits of seaweed. It contains natural seaweed granules and has a wonderful distinctive scent of the sea. The product is a semi-solid shaving soap which is unique in the marketplace as it forms a superior latter in comparison to solid soaps.

Natural Ingredients

This shaving soap is made from pure natural ingredients, including a mixture of oils and butters which are naturally moisturing for the skin and allows for an excellent after shave feeling that your skin is hydrated and smooth.

Sensitive Skin

As our shaving soap is a natural product it is suitable for sensitive skin. As with all natural products it can improve the condition of the skin over time as the skin will naturally rejuvenate itself with the use of natural products. We like to say that this is the shaving soap which keeps on giving as the longer you use it the more benefits you get for your skin and the skin will return to its natural state.

Superior Lather

This shaving soap has been carefully formulated to produce a fine, cushioning and long-lasting dense lather which provides a protective barrier between the skin and the raxor ensuring that your skin is protected from razor burn and irritation. It is this dense lather which protects the skin during shaving and allows for a close shave.


1 review for Shaving Gift Set with Seaweed Shaving Soap & Pure Boar Brush and Stand

  1. Mary

    Delighted to see you back again in Strandhill market. I bought this as a Christmas present for my husband last year and the shaving foam only needs to be replaced now It’s fantastic value and kind to his skin as he used to spend a lot more on the shaving foam in the aerosols. It great for the environment as no more aerosols to be disposed of. Its make a great present for for Christmas or Birthday. All the best in the future.. Mary

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