Shaving Gift Set with Irish Stout & Seaweed Shaving Soap & Boar Bristle Brush and Stand


This superior shaving gift set contains our very popular handmade Irish Stout and Seaweed Shaving Soap, a high-quality pure boar bristle shaving brush and a stylish stand for the brush. Looked after properly boar brushes can last for years. The stand allows your boar brush to dry properly between use ensuring a long life for the brush.

  • Using a shaving brush produces a richer lather, lifts and softens the hair and ensures a more comfortable shave every time.
  • Our shaving soap delivers 90-120 shaves per product which is excellent value for money.
  • Suitable for sensitive skin






Shaving gift set with Irish Stout and Seaweed Shaving Soap and Pure Boar Bristle Shaving Brush and Stand

Luxury Irish Stout and Seaweed Shaving Soap is a natural shaving soap which is handmade in Ireland. This shaving soap has the added benefits of Irish seaweed granules. Irish Craft beer is also added to give this shaving soap a wonderful pure beer fragrance, when combined with seaweed it is a truly distinctive scent which is unique in the marketplace.

Irish Stout & Seaweed Shaving Soap is a semi solid, luxury lathering, skin friendly soap. It has been carefully formulated to produce a fine, cushioning and long-lasting dense lather which provides a protective barrier between the skin and the raxor ensuring that your skin is protected from razor burn and irritation. This dense lather protects the skin during shaving.

This soap is made from 100% natural ingredients including a mixture of oils and butters which are naturally moisturising for the skin. Coconut Oil provides gentle cleansing while Cocoa Butter and Vegetable Glycerine leave the skin conditioned and smooth. Our shaving soap also harnesses the benefits of Irish seaweed which contains a wealth of essential vitamins, minerals, amino acids and antioxidants that helps to keep the skin revitalized, moisturised, and nourished Our Irish seaweed is sourced in Donegal along the Wild Atlantic Way.


Our shaving soap is semi-solid soap which makes its practically unique in the marketplace as most shaving soaps are solid. In our opinion there is no comparison in terms of the shaving experience, as a semi solid soap will deliver a much superior shaving experience.

Sensitive skin

Our natural shaving soap is mild and will not irritate even sensitive skin. Our customer feedback proves to us that if our soap is used consistently over a number of weeks there is a definite improvement in many skin conditions. To get the full benefits of this natural shaving soap we recommend that you only our shaving soap consistently over a number of weeks. We recommend that you do not use our natural product in combination with other chemical based commercial products as they will negate all the benefits gained.

Foaming The Soap

This shaving soap is easy to foam and is designed to be foamed in the container. Simply wet the shaving brush by running it under hot water. There is no need to add water to the container. Lather up the soap by using circular motions directly in the container. If you want more lather simply wet the shaving brush again.

This should take less than 60 seconds for the perfect lather.

Our Shaving Brush

Natural boar hair brush with shaving brush stand.

Our shaving brush is made from 100% natural boar bristle. A natural hair brush is essential for a great shave. By virtue of its numerous bristles, a shaving brush is the best way to generate a rich, warm and silky lather. A rich lather is important because it protects and lubricates the skin. The gentle friction of the bristles on your face as you lather softens your beard and opens the pores. This action is also exfoliating, removing dead surface cells and preventing in-grown hairs.

Our shaving brush is ideal for ensuring adequate moisture is placed on your face when shaving: it captures and transfers the moisture from your shaving bowl through the bristles to your skin and beard. This is a far more efficient method of wetting your skin than cupping water in your hands and bringing it to your face when shaving, which is what you have to do without a shaving brush.

Advantages of a Shaving Brush

The purpose of the brush is fourfold:

  1. it generates a rich and warm lather;
  2. it softens and lifts the facial hair on your face;
  3. it brings and maintains the right amount of warm water to the skin during the shaving process which helps open pores and lubricate the skin;
  4. it gently exfoliates the surface of the skin to rid it of dead cells.

How to Foam our Shaving Soap

Hold the brush under a hot running tap. Do not remove too much excess water from the brush. You need the bristles to retain as much water as possible so they can keep your face hydrated and protected during the shaving process. With circular motions, run the bristles over the soap in the soap bowl to generate the rich, warm and silky lather. The longer you whisk, the richer the lather, and the more protection it provides to the skin. Twenty seconds should be adequate.

Once the brush is applied to your face, it‘s important to use just the right amount of pressure. Too much can cause bristles to flatten against your face, which flattens your beard, whereas too little won‘t provide enough friction for a good lather.



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