Our Mission Statement

We at Natural Ireland understand that we have a responsibility to the environment beyond our legal and regulatory obligations to sustain our natural resources for current and future generations. We are committed to reducing any environmental impact and continually improving our environmental awareness, which informs our strategy and operating methods, and we also encourage our customers and suppliers to do the same.

Our Business

We at Natural Ireland are aware that environmental issues are becoming more important to our customers and they are becoming more attuned to the need to produce products in a sustainable way. Our sustainable business practices are meant to cut waste, reduce energy consumption, avoid unethical environmental practices, use natural ingredients and bio-degradable materials.

As all our products are handmade, we decide what ingredients to use. We never use synthetic scents or colour, toxic chemicals, or artificial preservatives. All our soap scents and colours come from natural oils and organic ingredients. We never us palm oil in any of our products.

Our Policy

Our Sustainability & Environment Policy is designed to support and deliver the aims stated in our Mission Statement. The policy concentrates on the following principles.

a) That our products will not contain toxins or environmentally harmful ingredients
b) That our products are made sustainably from natural ingredients
c) That, as far as possible, we will use recycled materials
d) That materials used in making our products can be recycled when no longer useable and are bio-degradable
e) That we will not use excessive packaging
f) That we will use only cloud base computing resources to minimize carbon emissions.