Eco-Friendly Shaving Gifts|Christmas 2019

Features of our Eco-Friendly shaving gifts include: Sustainable and ethically made gifts Handmade in Ireland 100% Natural Shaving Soaps Vegan Friendly Shaving Soaps Sustainable Aluminium Packaging 120-150 shaves per product-less…

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Irish Seaweed Soap|Handmade in Ireland
Seaweed & Charcoal Handmade Soap

Irish Seaweed Soap|Handmade in Ireland

Our 100% natural cold process Seaweed Soap is a genuine seaweed product containing the beneficial properties of two types of seaweed, Bladderwrack, and Kelp. This handmade seaweed soap contains actual…

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St Patrick’s Day| 10% Discount
Irish Stout & Seaweed Shaving Soap and Boar Bristle Shaving Brush

St Patrick’s Day| 10% Discount

To celebrate St Patrick's Day 2019 we are offering a 10% discount off all our Irish Stout and Seaweed range of shaving soaps and our luxury Irish Stout and Seaweed…

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25% discount off all of our shaving gift sets for Black Friday. Need a gift for someone who wants to have a wonderful shaving experience. Well, we have a terrific…



Customer comment: "you won't get a better shave" This is our latest testimonial for our shaving soap. Many of our customers are thrilled with the results they are experiencing by…

Beautiful Cold Process Soap Range
Handmade Soaps

Beautiful Cold Process Soap Range

We have a beautiful range of cold process soaps. All our cold process soaps are handmade made from high quality natural ingredients such as food grade olive oil and therapeutic…

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Alternatives to Microbead Exfoliators
100% natural homemade soap

Alternatives to Microbead Exfoliators

Microbead Ban in Ireland Ireland is soon to follow the UK and France's lead and introduce it's own leglislation to ban harmful mircobeads. Mircobeads are tiny beads made of plastic…

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