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Concerns over Chemical methylisothiazolinone (MI)

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A Daily Mail article in the UK some time ago highlighted concerns about the chemical MI (methylisothiazolinone) which is  commonly used in many beauty products as a preservative. Concerns have also been highlighted on the BBC One Watchdog programme about the use of this same chemical.

MI is a preservative designed to extend shelf life and has no useful properties for users of the beauty products involved.

According to the Daily Mail article this chemical is used in hundreds of beauty products. Some are well known brands and the MI chemical is being blamed for a massive rise in dangerous allergic reactions.

Skin experts say manufacturers should urgently remove the MI chemical from products that are left on the skin. It can cause rashes, lumps, blisters, itchy eyes and facial swelling. In one case , a British holiday maker’s skin became so inflamed that she spent two days in a Spanish hospital and needed steroids and antihistamines to calm the allergic reaction.

  • It’s about reading the labels

It is possible for all of us to greatly reduce the number of toxic chemicals in the daily beauty products that we use. Reading labels and researching ingredients might seem overwhelming at first, but once you become familiar with what ingredients and chemicals to look for, it will become second nature to you. As shown in the articles quoted above, manufactures will respond to consumer demands.

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There are many natural products on the market that do not contain harmful chemicals which could irritate the skin. All Natural Ireland products and a newcomer to the market The Soap Box are made from the highest quality natural ingredients. All  products on thse websites  are free from nasty chemicals such as sls, parabens or petroleum, no artificial colours or artificial preservatives are used. You may also find that the results of using skincare products with naturally derived ingredients are well worth the effort.

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